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          Power Quality Meters / Recorders


          Eagle 440      Guardian

         Revolution   VIP

Power Monitors, Inc.specializes in applying advanced technologies to develop state-of-the-art power quality recording solutions for residential, commercial, retail, institutional, industrial, and substation applications. Since 1987, Power Monitors helped electrical utilities and their customers to identify and address a wide array of power quality concerns. They pride themselves in delivering leading-edge recorders and software that are as easy to use as they are affordable. Their 24/7 technical support is consistently rated "best in the business."

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           Spectrum ThermoTRACK-IR   

     ThermoTRAK IR Imager  ThermoTRACK-IR Imager - Side View

Spectrum Instruments' new ThermoTRACK-IR 6 and ThermoTRACK-IR 8 combines advanced infrared imaging features in a compact light weight package. Both a low rez and high rez imagers are available.  Go to ThermoTRACK-IR web page


Download ThermoTRACK-IR Brochure



       CatsEye Low Cost Rigid Video Probe


                Rigid Probe- CatsEye


Avialable in rigid lengths of 50mm, 70mm and 90mm, the CatsEye Rigid Probe systems can be added to a CatsEye 6000, CatsEye 6000X and CatsEye Wirelss 7000

6000-R4 Rigid Probe Brochure


                 Model WAM-661       

     Wireless Monitoring System

The new Spectrum WAM-661 Wireless Data Acquisition System is an advanced wireless system supporting a wide variety of analog inputs.  It is capable of 6 vibration channels of simltaneous acquired analog data containing frequencies from DC up to 20 kHz.

Low resolution sensors such as cold junctiion thermocouples are amplified with an internal temperature compensation board supporting both J and K type thermocouples.

A full suite of MAARS field hardened Pathfinder software modules support one or more WAM-661s providing simple,expandable monitoring function up to and including advanced machine diagnostics capability.

Industies only "Impartial and Data-Collector Friendly" onlined data acquisition system

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           Model 2100 Wireless Monitor

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Spectrum IR-50 Infrared Spot Thermometer

Spectrum Model IR-50 Infrared Spt Thermometer - is one of a family of new, low cost, high performanc infrared spot thermometers


Spectrun's Model IR-50 - includes a number of unique features not found in other leading manufacturers of infrared spot thermometers, such as:

  • integral flashlight for inspection
  • magnet swival base frees up one of the operatirs hand
  • 2 year warranty


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