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Spectrum Instruments Ltd. has positioned itself as a one-stop-shop for all remoted operated vehicle inspection systems for customer's ranging from owner operated blockage removal firms, to larger drainage contractors, water companies, councils, and Governments world wide.  Our broad range of ROV inspection systems address a variety of applications including:



Reactor Refractory
Bore Holes
Storage Vessels
Sulphur Pits
Large Pressure Vessels
Military / Security
Oil & Gas
Pipe Thickness
Search & Rescue


For applicatons with small to very small diameter access ports (less than 3"), go to for information onour complete line of push-cameras, video probes and boroscopes.

For larger diameter access port applications (4" - 52"), Spectrum Instruments Ltd. is pleased to be associated with INUKTUN Services Ltd.

Inuktun Services Ltd. is a truely Canadian company with Engineering, Manufacturing and Service facilities located in British Columbia, Canada; Inuktun Services Ltd. offers a complete line of remotely operated inspection products, either for purchase or for rent. 


Custom engineering remains the cornerstone of Inuktun's strength and ensures its continued success for the future.  Inuktun has an excellent track record in providing complex, custom, mobile robotic system to sophisticated clients such as Ontario Hydro, GE Nuclear Energy, Hitachi Nuclear, Idaho Nation Engineering Laboratory (US Department of Energy), Pacific Gas & Electric, ERDC, and many more



If you have a challenging inspection job or project that needs a short term solution, consider the benefits of renting; Spectrum Instruments and its partners offer daily / weekly / monthly rental rates for its entire proprietary product range to customers worldwide.
Inuktun VersaTrax 100
Our rental inventory is calibrated and maintained to make sure everything is functioning perfectly before we send it to you. In addition, every rental ships with a spares kit and operating manual, ensuring maximum 'up time' while the system is in use on the job site.

Benefits of renting include:

• Rental gives you access to the widest range and most up-to-date technology, allowing you to try equipment in a real world application before committing to a purchase. And, with our "try it before you buy it" program, a percentage of your rental cost can be used towards the purchase of new equipment.

• Renting is in line with the trend toward outsourcing, allowing your companies resources to be focused on your core competencies.

• Rental allows you to meet unexpected changes in job requirements.

• Rental facilitates your inspection when purchase price of the product is inhibitive, or when company budgets are not setup to allow capital equipment purchases.

• Rental avoids the need for maintenance or calibration costs. We look after the equipment, ensuring that your system will work when it is delivered on-site.

• Rental allows you to complement your existing product/service line without the large investment required to acquire the equipment.

Spectrum Instruments and its partners offer a wide variety of optical inspection crawlers on a rental basis; complete system are available from 4" applications all the way up to 52" crawlers for sewer and water pipe inspection;  let us quote you a rental system that best meets your needs - email and include the following minimum information:

  • Company / location
  • Contact name
  • Approximate date rental required
  • Length of rental period
  • ID of pipe or smallest access area
  • Length of pipe or distance to target to be inspected
  • Describe environment in which optical system will need to operate in
  • Remote operator view only, or is image recording required
  • Any additional information about your application that might be helpful





Designed with performance and reliability in mind, Inuktun Services Inc's crawler vehicles can operate in the toughest of environments.  If you are working on a nuclear reactor, inspecting many miles of sewer pipe, or searching for survivors after a natural disaster, we have a system for you.  Click on the links below for more information.



Delta Extreme

Inuktun VGTV


Maximum Tether Distance: 300’ / 90m

Maximum Depth Rating: 100’ / 30m


It’s a camera you can drive just about anywhere. Submerged or on land, this robot is a fast, intuitive, visual inspection system for challenging terrain and confined spaces. Applications include search and rescue, HAZMAT, surveillance, nuclear, plant and culvert inspection. Available in black.

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 Inuktun Nanomag



Applications: metal tanks and similar

Maximum Tether Distance: 100' / 30M

The Nanomag is a miniture crawler system with built-in rare earth magnets allowing it to travel vertically, horizontially or even upside down on ferrous metal surfaces.



Veratrax 100 MicroMag

Inuktun Versatrax 100



Maximum Tether Distance: 600' / 183M

The MicroMag mobile robotic inspection vehicle is compact, waterproof and magnetic.  It can be rapidly deployed for many applications that exclude most ROV's.

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Magg UT c/w Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement



Maximum Tether Distance: 100'

Inuktun's MaggUTtm is a rugged, portable crawler designed to perform visual and ultrasonic thickness inpsections of steel storage tanks, pressure vessels and large diameter pipes

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Versatrax 100

Inuktun Versatrak 100



Minimum ID Access: 4"

Maximum Tether Distance: 600' / 180M

The Versatrax 100 is a miniature crawler system capable of inspecting pipe and ducts as small as 4" / 10 cm and up to 24" in diameter.  Just like the Versatrax 150, this crawler offers an in-line and parallel configuration for different pipe sizes.

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Versatrax 150

Versatrax 150



Minimum ID Access: 6"

Maximum Tether Distance: 1500' / 457M

The Versatrax is a modular, long range internal pipe inspection system capable of operation in a variety of pipe sizes.  The inline chassis system is designed for operation in pipe with a minimum internal pipe diameter of 6" / 150 mm up to 12" / 300 mm.





Versatrax 300



Minimum ID Access: 12"

Maximum Tether Distance: 7000' / 2134M

The Versatrax 300 VLR is the solution to long range pipe inspection challenges.  Able to inspect more than two kilometers of pipe in a single run, the VT300 includes 3 onboard video cameras, multiple sensor options, and is operable in pipe as small as 12" / 300 mm internal diameter.



        Versatrax 450 TTC

VersaTrax 450



Minimum ID Access: 15"

Maximum Tether Distance: 500' / 152M

Designed specifically for hazardous, non-combustible environments, the Versatrax 450 TTC is perfectly suited for a wide range of applications where remote handling and inspection are required.

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For information on any of the above remote operated visual  inspection systems or to discuss your rental requirements, please contact Spectrum Instruments Ltd.