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Like most of today's high-tech systems, condition monitoring systems require:

  • periodic calibration to maintain the system's reliabilty and to ensure the system is running at peak performance (during initial commissioning as well as normal operations)

  • from time to time, unforeseen equipment system failures do happen - troubleshooting to correct equipment failures in a timely effective manner helps the bottom line of any operation

A variety of troubleshooting and calibration tools are offered by Spectrum Instrumets Ltd that will ensure maximum return on our customer's investment in conditioning monitoring equipment.  Please review our growing list of such test equipment below - we welcome your calls to discuss our test equipment solutions and how they will best meet your needs.



(listed in alphabetical order)












SFB-907 Field Balancing Instrument

Spectrum SFB-907

Field Balancing Kit

The SFB-907 an economically priced, single-plane & two-plane field balancing instrument.

A combination of graphic interface and simple menu selection ensures the SFB-907 is easy to use and provides quick, consistent results.

The SFB-907 Field Balancing System comes as a complete kit and is attractively priced at under $3,300 US Funds.


Wohler "A 400L"

Flue Gas Analyzer

  • Ideal for light commercial applications
  • Full 4 year warranty
  • Single handed operation
  • Brilliant OLED color display
  • Multifunctional: combustion, efficiency, ambient CO, flue gas CO, & differential manometer
  • Integral smart filter technology, condensate control with LED warning light, sensor diagnostics, continuous self diagnostics with feedback

The A 400 L Flue Gas Analyzer is offered from $1,490.00 US Funds

          New !

A 450 Flue Gas Analyzer

Wohler "A 450"

Flue Gas Analyzer

  • Ideal for residential flue gas analysis
  • Large 5" color-touch screen displays
  • Wireless LAN, USB and IR interface
  • CO measurment range of 10,000 ppm
  • 48 month warranty
  • TD 100 Thermal Printer optional
  • Available in three kit formats:
      Standard, Advanced & Professoinal


    The A 450 Flue Gas Analyzer is offered from $1,490.00  US Funds


Wohler A550 flue Gas Analyzer

Wohler "A 550"

Flue Gas Analyzer

  • Ideal for burner adjustment and determination of combustion loss in commercial applications; wood moisture measurement and 4 Pa-Testing
  • Large 7" color-touch screen displays 14 variables
  • Intuitive virtual keyboard
  • Data transfer via USB & IR interface and Bluetooth compatible
  • Convient Start/Stop/Save button on probe handle
  • Saves up to 1000 measurement records
  • Huge range of applications: NO, NO2, SO2
  • Includes Wohler TD 100 Thermal Printer

The A 500 Flue Gas Analyzer full featured analyzer is offered at $5,490.00 US Funds


Wohler DT310

Wohler "DT 310"

Differential Temperature Meter

  • Ideal for differential temperature measurement of flow and return surface temperature of water and flue lines
  • Simultaneious display of both temperatures
  • Choose from a variety of probes including Type K, J or T thermocouples
  • Key functions include: Run/HOld, Back Light, Min/Max memory with date/time stamp

The DT-310 Differential Temperature Meter is offered from $799.00 US Funds


Wohler TA420 Thermoanemometer

Wohler "Hygrotemp 24"

Temperature & Humidity Meter

  • Ideal for non-contact surface and air temperature and relative humidity
  • Dew point and wet bulb calculation
  • one instrument evaluates room climate
  • determines air temperature, humidity and wall temperature via infrared measuring
  • IR spot/distance ration of 8:1
  • Adjustable emissivity from 0.30 to 0.99

The Hygrotemp 24 Meter is offered from $249.00 US Funds


Wohler RF 220 Hygrotemp Meter

Wohler "RF 220 Hygrotemp"

Temperature & Humidity Meter

  • Ideal for quick testing of relative humidity within builidings and offices; air conditioning testing, and inspection for mold and other humidity related problems
  • Dew point and wet bulb temprature are calcuated online from current air humidity and temperature
  • Key advantages inlcude: Remote Probe, Hold Function, Min/Max/Average memory and Back Lite display

The RF 220 Hygrotemp Meter is offered from $190.00 US Funds


Wohler CDL 210 CO2 Data Logger

Wohler "CDL 210"

CO2 - Datalogger

  • Ideal for determining indoor air quality through the combined measurment of CO2 concentration, air temperature and air humidity
  • Applications includes residential space, schools, business conference / meeting rooms as well as lounges
  • Advantages include comfort level indication with adjustable alarms, acoustical and visual alarm with adjustable limit, large display, max/min values, infrared CO2 measurment, auto caliabration and non-volatile memory

The CDL 210 CO2 Datalogger is offered from $269.00 US Funds



Wohler KM 410 Indoor Air Quality Meter

Wohler "KM 410"

Indoor Air Quality Meter

  • Perfect instrument for verifying HVAC system perfomrance and air ventilation control
  • Advantages include large backlight LC display, acoustical and visual alarm, min/max values, hold function, integral data logger with mini USB output to PC for analysis

The "KM 410" Indoor Air Quality Meter is offered from $769.00 US Funds


Wohler FA-430 Fan Anemometer

Wohler "FA 430"

Fan Anemometer

  • Perfect instrument for measurement of air velocity, temperature, humidity, CO2
  • Integrated measurement of flow rate
  • Determinination of the inlet and exhaust air quality
  • Flow rate measurement and inlet/exhaust air quality can be measured simultaneously
  • IR-transfer directly to the Wohler TD 100 Thermal Fast Printer
  • Telescopic handles for hard to reach inspection areas
  • Field selectable Engineering Units
  • Min/max function, blacklight LCD

The "FA 430" Fan Anemometer is offered from $855.00 US Funds



 Wohler DM 2000 Digital Manometer


Wohler "DM-2000"

Digitial Manometer

  • Ideal for gas line and manifold pressure measurement, fine tuning of burners with 0.01" WC resolution, mueasuring draft and differential pressure, troubleshooting and balancing HVAC system and measuring temperature with optional probe
  • One button operation
  • Wide measurement range (+/-800.00" wc)
  • Measures differential pressure
  • IrDA outpu to customer's PC/PDA

The DM-2000 Digital Manometer is offered from $269.00 US Funds



 Wohler GS 220

Wohler "DC-410" Pressure Differential

& Flow Meter Digitial Manometer


  • One instrument for measurement of pressure, air flow, temperature and relative humidity
  • Complys with standards for "Ventilation for buildings"
  • Brilliant full color OLED display
  • One handed - 4-button keypad
  • Highly accurate with no dirft
  • Presssure resolution of 0.01" WC
  • Data Logger function with USB port


The DC-410 is offered from $990.00 US Funds




 Wohler CM 220 CO2 Meter

Wohler "CM-220" CO-Meter


  • Test CO leakage from furnaces, water heaters and stoves
  • Measures CO concentration in ambient air
  • MWC-Value-Measurement (Max Workplace Concentration)
  • Highly responsive for testing safe entry conditions
  • Easy one-button operation with manual zero
  • Visual and acoustic indicators
  • Precise electrochemical sensor


The CM-220 is offered from $199.00 US Funds 



 Spectrum SVS-2 Handheld Shaker

Spectrum "SVS-2"

Handheld Sensor Shaker

The SVS-2 is an entry level sensor shaker system that is an effective tool for quickly checking vibration sensors in the field.  Once the sensor (150 grams max) is mounted on top of the shaker, the SVS-2 shakes the sensor with a fixed frequency and fixed amplitude.  The receiving instrument connected to the sensor should display levels consistent with the shaker - if not, the sensor should be removed from service.

The SVS-2 Shaker System is attractively priced at under $1,700 US Funds



Ref2510 Handheld Shaker    Ref2510R Handheld Shaker

Meggitt "REFERENCEMATE" REF2510 & 2510R Handheld Shaker

  • Quickly verify operation of entire measurement chain (sensor, cable, enclosure, data collector) in the field
  • Three operational frequencies eliminates conversions: industry exclusive feature
  • Peak and rms mode
  • Tests sensors weighing up to 250 grams
  • Easy front panel operation
  • Affordable
  • IP54 rugged durability
  • c/w protective rubber jacket on the 2510R only 

The REF2510 ReferenceMate kit is priced from under $2,000 US Funds



SVS-3 / SVS-3M


Spectrum "SVS-3" Bench Top Sensor Shaker

The SVS-3 is Spectrum's adustable amplitude & selectable frequency sensor shaker system.

The SVS-3 is an effective tool to quickly perform a full dynamic check of most vibration sensors.  Once the sensor is mounted on the sensor mounting plate, the SVS-3 shakes the sensor based on user defined amplitude and frequency settings. An integral reference accelerometer provides a traceable signal that can be used to compare against the sensor-under-test's output signal.  A prox probe mounting adapter kit is included with each system as a standard. 

The SVS-3 Shaker System (imperial units) or the SVS-3M Shaker System (metric units) are attractively priced at under $4,400 US Funds




Spectrum SC-100 Accelerometer Checker

Spectrum "SC-100

Accelerometer Checker"

The Model SC-100 is a battery operated, easy-to-use instrument that allows an operator to check a vibration sensor's condition by measuring the sensor’s bias voltage. A fixed frequency and amplitude signal is also included to simulate the operation of an IEPE type accelerometer.

The SC-100 Sensor Checker retails for under $750 US Funds



Spectrum PC-100 Proximity Probe Checker

Spectrum "PC-100

Proximity Probe Checker"

The Model PC-100 is a battery operated, easy-to-use instrument that allows an operator to check the condition of a proximity probe by measuring the sensor's gap voltage on its integral LCD display.  A series of 10 LED's in a bar graph format aids the user as he adjusts the GAP of the proximity probe looking for the optimum gap.  An additional constant current function allows this device to simulate mid- scale of any 4-20ma loop thus providing a quick check of loop integrity.

The PC-100 Sensor Checker retails for under $750 US Funds


 Spectrum SS-1000GT Sensor Simulator



Sensor Simulator


The Model NID-2000 Sensor Simulatorcomes with the following key features:

  • Compliant with ISO 10816 (ISO 20816)
  • Max frequency adjust to 10 kHz
  • Operates in two modes: standalone and PC based
  • Companion PC software includes sensor/transmitter database for major manufacturers 
  • Automatically creates reports in PC mode 
  • Loop powered current source output
  • Menu driven operation
  • Multi-language menu
  • Metric and imperial units 

The NID-2000 retails for under $3,000 US Funds.